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Clients: CoffeeBeans Consulting, Gosonix, Greyamp

Team: Shravan Pradeep, Megha Nanaiah, Meera Jain Lakshmi

Photo Credits: Shravan Pradeep

This 2500sft office space is located on the third floor of a building in Bangalore. 

The broad brief for this office was for a series of flexible and collaborative comprising of two main zones: the work zones and collaborative zones to be used across the three offices that inhabit the space apart from a meeting room and a conference room common to all.

The workspaces required long tables with clutter and wirefree surfaces that were addressed with custom made suspended switch boxes.

The collaborative spaces were further sub-divided into four zones that linked the work spaces together:

  1. A large discussion space at the entrance that could also serve as a waiting area for visitors.

  2. 3 booths placed strategically to take calls without disturbing the entire office.

  3. Breakout spaces along the northern façade which allowed for smaller groups of one or two people to work independently.

  4. An informal discussion area of 4-6 people.

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