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N-9 Courtyard Residence

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka 

Team: Shravan Pradeep, Megha Nanaiah, Meera Jain Lakshmi, Sahil Nashte, Dushyanth Subramanium, Sannuthi R, Shrishti Reddy

Photo Credits:  Shravan Pradeep

'The ability to see a piece of the sky while indoors could make a difference between livable habitat and claustrophobia' - Charles Correa.


The N9 Courtyard is the uppermost floor of a mixed use building. Located on a busy road in Bangalore this penthouse responds to the local climate and context with an internal courtyard that not only binds all the spaces maintaining a visual connection to the sky from every part of the house but also blurs the threshold between indoors and outdoors. The 200 sqm penthouse caters to the aspirations of a young couple and their pet dogs of including interactions with the five basic elements of nature namely earth (prithvi), fire (tejas; in this case the sun), wind (vayu), water (jala) and space (akasha) on a day to day basis.

The design of the house attempts to maximize diffused daylight and controlled ventilation into all spaces while relooking at a contemporary interpretation of traditional materials, textures and finishing techniques. Bespoke furniture designed and executed at site adds character to the architectural spaces and gives a tone of completion to the project. 


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