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EA STUDIO - Office Interiors

Team: Megha Nanaiah, Shravan Pradeep, Meera Jain Lakshmi, Sannuthi R, Sahil Nashte, Dhushyanth Subramanium, Shrishti Reddy

The 180sqm open plan studio is situated on the third floor of a mixed use building located on a busy road in Bangalore. The studio itself is flanked by the common areas such as the reception, cabin for the principal architect and the conference room at the front end and the toilet, pantry and dining / discussion area at the rear western end. 

Ample light and ventilation was a principal focus for the studio that has been achieved through large shaded windows on the south and louvered windows on the west that keep the harsh light out without inhibiting air flow into the space. Internal divisions were created by strategic placements of furniture elements like the library units or light and porous partitions that add definition to the adjoining spaces.

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