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TAPCHIEF office interior

Client: Tapchief

Team: Shravan Pradeep, Megha Nanaiah, Meera Jain Lakshmi

Photo Credits: Shravan Pradeep

This 2400sft office space is located on the fourth floor of a building on 100ft road, Indiranagar, Bangalore. 

Situated on the topmost floor the building was stripped off of the false ceiling providing the space a volumetric upgrade. The only partitioned spaces in this office included the conference room, a meeting room and a couple of booth space for smaller discussions  in person or on call that created a blur but did not divide the work zone. The main work area was punctuated by an informal discussion zone, a bean bag area and a small lounge space. 

The terrace outside was to be used as a lunch space by the employees and as a casual discussion area. 

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