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EnviArch Studio is the brainchild of Shravan Pradeep & Megha Nanaiah, two Bangalore based architects who are very passionate about Environmentally Responsive Architecture. 

While sustainability is the key design principle adopted by the studio, Enviarch Studio also focuses on the quality of spaces while minimizing the impact of buildings on the environment and aims to enrich the spatial experience for its users.



Shravan Pradeep

Founding Partner

Shravan is a graduate from RV College of Architecture. He pursued an M.Arch in Energy and Environmental Studies at the Architectural Association, London after two years of experience working in Baroda under the guidance of architect Karan Grover. 

Shravan brings with him six years of industry experience and is also a tenure faculty at the RV College of Architecture.


Megha Nanaiah

Founding Partner

Megha graduated from the Architectural Association, London with an MSc. Sustainable Environmental Design with Distinction.

On attaining her B.Arch from RV College of Architecture, Megha worked at Karun Kumbera architects and urbanists for two years gaining much practical knowledge and experience.

Megha believes in observational learning and is very passionate about building on and sharing knowledge.

She is also a Tenure faculty at the RV College of Architecture.

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